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The Roundhouse

Wisconsin & Southern is the proud owner of Milwaukee Road's roundhouse and turntable facility in Janesville, WI and they have put it in good working order and use it for it's designed purpose of locomotive servicing. Large streetside windows brighten the service bays and offer the public a safe view of the activity. I'm told this is one of only two turntables left working in Wisconsin.

Here at the Digital Model Railroad Roundhouse, you can find my roster of locomotive GIFs for WSOR with a little information and history mixed in for good measure. Much of this information came from the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Fan Site. However, some conflicting information can be found, so I can't swear to the accuracy of these histories.

Passenger Locomotives


The history I'm finding places this originally as Union Pacific #957 from 1955. WSOR numbered it 10A before renumbering it 103 to prepare for the arrival of the B-unit.
This was originally Milwaukee Road 32A (renumbered from 202A) and would have served pulling the famous Hiawatha passenger trains starting in 1956. WSOR numbered it 10C before renumbering it 101 to prepare for the arrival of the B-unit.
Both of these E9's passed through service on Amtrak as 430 & 434 and then Alaska Railroad as 2401 & 2402 where they likely got their snowplow pilots. The pair then passed through Northern Railcar Leasing before arriving as WSOR property. In preparation for the B-Unit they were repiloted and renumbered
WSOR finished restoring an E9B from the Illinois Railroad Museum in August 2008. The unit began life as UP 967B in 1955. It had been converted to a steam generator by Amtrak in the 70's. WSOR has put prime movers back in it from a MARC E9.
With the shiny new B-unit between the As, the trio makes a beautiful site and a fabulous show piece for the road. According to the company, this is the only fully operational A-B-A set of E9's in the country. Let's hope they make the most of it's beauty and perhaps even find a way to send it around other places a bit to show off.


This locomotive also began life on the Milwaukee Road as #96A. In the disintegration of MILW, it passed through Wisconsin & Calumet before they became part of Wisconsin & Southern. It only served WSOR briefly and in 2004 it finally left it's home turf for the upper penninsula and now serves Escanaba & Lake Superior as #600, still in WSOR colors.

Freight Locomotives


EMD SD40-2 WSOR #4001--4006
These engines are all from 1973 and first served Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific.
EMD SD40-2 WSOR #4025
This engine carries a custom paint scheme to celebrate Wisconsin & Southern's 25th Anniversary. It served its first career as UP #3247 starting in 1974.
EMD SD40-2 WSOR #4053
This engine carries a custom paint scheme with a state map logo for the state's "Grow Wisconsin" economic initiatives. It includes the WSOR system map on the state map. Its original assignment was Missouri Pacific #3213 in '75.


EMD SD20 WSOR #2051-2056
Built in 1959 to 1960 for Southern Pac. and Union Pac. Some, or maybe all, of them began life as SD-24 cabless units before Illinois Central Gulf de-turboed them and added cabs as the 70's ended. WSOR acquired them from National Railway Equipment on lease and eventually purchased them. As the company's tonnage rose, they served as WSOR's primary pullers from 1995 to 2002. At that point, further growth in tonnage necessitated the arrival of the SD-40s. The last SD-20 was turned off for the last time in January of 2008 and all but #2056 have moved on to new homes.
EMD SD20 WSOR #2053
#2053 wore a special paint scheme featuring Operation Lifesaver's "Look, Listen & Live" grade crossing awareness logo.
EMD SD20 WSOR #1848
This engine would later become #2051 wearing the standard paint, but first it served as a rolling participant in Wisconsin's Sesquicentennial Celebration in 1998. It's temporary number 1848 honored the year of Wisconsin's entrance into the Union and the sides featured the state seal and the sesquicentennial logo.

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NOTE: This site is an unofficial fan site of the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad. They have a wonderful website of their own. Please go check it out.