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Wisconsin & Southern owns a surprising collection of passenger rolling stock. Most of it is used by the company for tours and inspections of the property, but it is also used for chartered trips and special passenger runs for events such as Badger games. There is even a triplet set of bi-level passenger coaches just for such occasions. Northern Sky Charters also owns two cars for chartered "cruises" which are painted to match WSOR's inventory.

Here at the Digital Model Railroad Coach Yard, you can find my roster of passenger cars for WSOR. I've included what little background I can find on these cars, but if anyone has more to offer I'm open to input.

Passenger Cars

WSOR #800151 - Northern Pass
WSOR #800150 - Northern Plains
Lucy Stone
This coach has been extensively remodeled to include true theatre style seating in the rear half facing out the rear of the car with panaramic views out the sides and the uninterrupted rear window covering the entire rear end. The shades can also be drawn and a screen pulled for use as a true theatre. That's a cool rolling conference room!
The James M. Gardner
WSOR leased this car from the NRM in Greenbay from 2003 to 2007 (I think). NRM then chose to sell it off to a private owner.
The Northern Sky
This classic dome began life as UP-9007 serving on the "City of Portland." It later served as WSOR's "original business car." The rear observation deck was added for the classic business car look. It left the road in 2001.
ATSF #2984 - Notre Dame
Although it's labeled on the sides for Wisconsin & Southern, it hasn't been repainted and is still numbered from ATSF.
WSOR#12 & #13
Bi-level Coach
This image suits the first two cars of the triplets. I've not seen any images of them except as a set of three without any other consist.
Bi-level Coach
This image suits the last car of the triplets which has a Cab at the rear end.

Northern Sky Rail Charters

Northern Sky Rail Charters is not part of Wisconsin & Southern, but rather another private company based in Milwaukee, WI. They have two beautiful coaches which can be leased out for tours pretty much anywhere Amtrak goes. I'm not sure why they are painted to match Wisconsin & Southern's Passenger Equipment, but they were originally lettered "Wisconsin & Southern" before being relettered for "Northern Sky Rail Charters".

Northern Sky
8 Bed Private Coach w/ Dome
Built in 1955 as UP-9003 for the "City of Los Angeles", it has moved through many hands before landing with NSRC in 1992 where it still works today.

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